Welcome to the CosmoPolitical Party!

Welcome to the CosmoPolitical Party.

We stand for a 30-40-50 Roadmap to a liveable and desirable society:

  • 2030: pan-European democracy, so as to build with the European Union a political power strong enough to impose its democratic decisions to the richest 1% and to multinational corporations;
  • 2040: social justice, so that everyone be confident in his/her future and in the sustainability of his/her job, and stop asserting his/her social status with ostentatious consumption;
  • 2050: environmental sustainability (specifically: net-zero carbon emissions in the European Union, as per the COP21 Paris Agreement), achieved thanks to frugality and simplicity.

In our views, pursuing these goals jointly and in parallel, being equally radical in the pursuit of each of them, in a coherent, long-term roadmap, is the only means to overcome the global challenges of the 21st century.

We are a political party, aiming at exercising government responsibilities. As a first step, we aim at elected positions in the European Parliament and in municipalities. We operate at the scale of the European Union. Our processes and tools deliver first-in-class internal democracy.

YOU can contribute, with your experience, your values, your aspirations, to changing the European Union and the world for the better.

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"Cosmopolitical: adjective. That considers issues from the perspective of a world citizen"