Why do only pseudonyms appear on your web sites? Why not your real names?

On all the web sites of the CosmoPolitical Party, only our pseudonyms appear, not our real names. Why so?

The reason is the following. We are normal citizens. We depend for our income upon external sources: our employer for those of us who are employees, our clients for those who are self-employed. These employers or clients may disagree with the political opinions expressed here, and sanction us in diverse ways if they discovered that we are members of the CosmoPolitical Party (refusal of a promotion, harassment, dismissal for employers; simply stopping his/her purchases for clients). These practices are of course illegal when performed by employers - but unfortunately they are frequent and very difficult to prove.

The risk of being discriminated against because of one's political opinions has clearly been recognised by European law, specifically by the recently applied General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR, which requires increased protection for "Special categories of personal data" (Art.9), i.e. "data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, [...] health, [...] sex life or sexual orientation".

The very fact for a person of being a member of the CosmoPolitical Party discloses his/her political opinions, and makes him/her vulnerable to the types of sanctions / retaliation by his/her employer or clients mentioned above. It is therefore our moral duty to hide the real names of our members behind pseudonyms - and it is also our legal obligation, as per GDPR, Art.9(2)d.