How far are you in your development?

The CosmoPolitical Party is currently being created. It is based upon:

Our pilot local group is created in Lille (France).

Our software and legal infrastructure will be further developed over the next few months, and will include:

  • our legal statutes, based upon our Organisational Model
  • a software for transitive voting delegation called LiquidFeedback, which will be implemented to control the Bureau
  • additions to the KuneAgi software, so that it enables the election of the Bureau and of candidates in political elections.

Once these three elements will have been set in place, other local groups will be created in various cities of the European Union, and the take-off of the CosmoPolitical Party will be organised across the European Union.

The site manager of the site is Sergio Arbarviro. Sergio Arbarviro is a pseudonym. He can be reached by e-mail at his address, which has the following structure: <given name>.<family name>