Executive Summary of the Manifesto


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The CosmoPolitical Party stands for a 30-40-50 Roadmap to a liveable and desirable society:

  • 2030: trans-European democracy
  • 2040: social justice
  • 2050: environmental sustainability.

In our views, achieving these goals jointly, in a coherent, long-term roadmap, is the only means to overcome the global challenges of the 21st century.

We are a political party, aiming at exercising government responsibilities. We operate at the scale of the European Union. Our processes and tools deliver first-in-class internal democracy.

The CosmoPolitical Party stands for a 30-40-50 Roadmap to a liveable and desirable society, with 3 concrete milestones

We aim at a liveable and desirable society, where everyone enjoys his/her fundamental human, social and economic rights, lives from his/her work, in decent living conditions compatible with the finite resources of our planet, and is confident in his/her future and in that of his/her children, for the generations of today and those of the future. A society where every citizen participates in a democratic policy- and decision-making at the scale large enough to have an impact: that of the European Union. We propose the 30-40-50 Roadmap to this liveable and desirable society.


  • 2030: trans-European democracy. All citizens, whatever their national, cultural or social origin, participate in policy- and decision-making in the European Union. The EU is a powerful political player, able to impose its democratic decisions to multi-national corporations and to the richest 1%.
  • 2040: social justice. Every citizen is assured to live in dignity from his / her work, for life. Economic inequalities in income and in inherited wealth have been drastically reduced. All citizens are confident about their future, and are ready to engage in the changes brought by the transition to sustainability.
  • 2050: environmental sustainability. The EU is on track and on time to limit global warming at 1.5°C (net-zero emissions). It has stopped deteriorating its natural capital (soil, freshwater reserves, biodiversity).

Achieving these goals jointly, in a coherent and long-term roadmap, is the only means to overcome the global challenges of the 21st century

We identify six global challenges of the 21st century: (1) climate change, and more generally the consumption of resources beyond the regenerating capacities of our environment, (2) demographics and the explosion in the number of elderly and chronically-ill people, (3) the social inequalities brought by digital technologies, (4) the concentration of power in the hands of multi-national corporations, (5) the rise in poverty and precariousness for large fractions of the population, and, as a consequence of the above, (6) a rising wave of mass migrations and of xenophobic nationalism. Confronted with these challenges, feeling grows that the world is governed by a global, selfish oligarchy, on its way towards a global collapse made of ecological disaster, social chaos, political fragmentation and nationalistic wars.

We propose the positive alternative to this scenario, towards a liveable and desirable society.

The three milestones in our Roadmap, trans-European democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability, are intimately inter-linked, and must be pursued jointly. Environmental sustainability is the condition for human civilisation to exist, and thus for justice and democracy to have a meaning. Social justice is the prerequisite for the deep political agreements, long-term vision and frugality that sustainability requires. Only a strongly united and deeply democratic European Union has the political power and legitimacy to implement on time these deep transformations of our society.

The CosmoPolitical Party is a deeply democratic political party operating at the scale of the European Union

We are a political party

Our ambition is to transform the world for the better, by exerting responsibilities in parliaments and governments. We propose radical reforms and credible alternatives to the current world order, in an approach based on identifying issues and designing solutions.

We operate at the scale of the European Union

We define ourselves primarily as citizens of the European Union. What unites us, the perception of the global challenges outlined above, and the belief that only a joint action on trans-European democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability can overcome them, is stronger than what may divide us. We operate directly at the scale of the European Union, with no intermediate structure.

We take trans-national internal democracy seriously

Rigorous procedures and first-in-class on-line democracy software ensure that all members, wherever they are located, and whatever their social condition, have an equal right to participate in decision-making: (1) in the initiative, amendment and ranking in priority order of strategic decisions (political programme, selection of candidates in official elections, internal governance bodies); (2) in the control of elected officials.

Download this Executive Summary (PDF format, 2 pages A4)